Maven OWB Holster (Non-Magnetic)


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Introducing The New JM4 Tactical Maven OWB Holster

The brand-new Maven holster gives the gun owner a high-quality, budget-friendly option for carrying their firearm. Made with the same high-quality Hermann Oak Grade A leather, it will last the owner for years to come.

The JM4 Tactical Maven Holster is designed to give everyone an option for a reliable, purpose-built holster at a more affordable price than the RELIC Lonestar Holster. The holster has the same craftsmanship as the RELIC with the same exceptional leather without the Boltaron polymer shell. The leather protects the wearer’s gun from damage that other materials Kydex and polymer can cause.

Every Maven Holster is made with Hermann Oak Grade A leather to secure your gun inside the holster. The leather also allows for smooth, silent drawing of a firearm. The Maven has a retention adjusting screw that allows the wearer to adjust the retention to their exact liking. This customization is critical to dialing in a holster to the wearer’s liking.

A holster is a tool that the gun owner uses to secure the firearm that might save their life. The Maven Holster is designed with this mission in mind. The gun owner will have the confidence to know their holster is holding their firearm at the ready when they need it most.

The Maven Holster has unparalleled comfort. If a holster isn’t comfortable, then the gun owner will not use it, causing them to leave their life-saving tool at home. At JM4 Tactical, we realized that and designed the Maven to be so comfortable you will not even know you are wearing a gun.

The Stylish Maven Holster is available in brown, black, and tan. It will fit everything from the venerable Glock 19 to the classic 1911. No matter what gun you carry, there is a Maven that will work for you!

Every Maven Holster feature:

  • Leather Belt Loops
  • Adjustable retention
  • Soft, quiet Hermann Oak Interior lining
  • Tough stitching
  • Ability to provide years of use

Carry your gun confidently in comfort. Order your JM4 Tactical Maven Holster today!


Black, Brown


Left, Right

The selected size for this model is:

1911 3- 3.5", 1911 4-4.25", Full Size 1911, J-Frame Revolver (Snubnose Revolvers), K-Frame Revolver 2.5" Barrel, K-Frame Revolver 3" Barrel, K-Frame Revolver 4" Barrel, K-Frame Revolver 5" Barrel, Large, Large Long, Large Long 2, Medium, Medium 3, Medium Short, Medium Short 2, Small, X-Large, XL Short, XL Short 2, XL Short w/Laser, XL-3, XLL, XX-Large

Unfortunately, this holster is not available for your gun model. Please consider looking at our OriginalRELIC or Mavin series.