34″ Double Shot Gun Belt 1 1/2″ – Black w/Black Stitching – Z8 – Product 62


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Z8 – Product 62 – Black w/Black Stitching 34″ Double Shot Gun Belt 1 1/2″

From time to time, we will have belts with slight blemishes or belts that we have used for testing that we can not sell at full pricing.  They function the same but due to the blemishes they are discounted to move.  The belt pictured is the exact belt you will receive and is priced at a discount based on imperfections. If the bin is empty we have sold out of Bargain Bin belts.

Coupons not applicable for purchases in the Bargain Bin.

All sales from this collection are final. 

Group Z8

Product 62

Color: Black w/Black Stitching

Size: 34″

Width: 1 1/2″

Product: Double Shot Gun Belt

 All Sales Final on Bargain Bin Purchases.

Weight 4 lbs

Unfortunately, this holster is not available for your gun model. Please consider looking at our RELIC series.