Medium High-Ride Magnetic Quick, Click, & Carry Holster

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The High-Ride Quick, Click & Carry Holster was designed at the request of our customers.  Our customers loved the comfort and convenience of the Original Quick, Click & Carry however desired more of a shooters grip when wearing jeans/belts.  The High-Ride Quick, Click & Carry is our direct response to your request.   Designed more for jeans and belts the High-Ride Quick, Click & Carry allows you to be armed and prepared without the hassle of clips that damage your clothing.  The High-Ride does have magnetic retention but it has been reduced due to the placement of the magnets to acquire the higher ride of this holster.  However the magnetic pull force remains the same as the Original Quick, Click & Carry holster when evaluating the attachment to the waistline.  You still have the same versatility as the Original Quick, Click & Carry.

hermann-oak-logo1.pngMade with Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide that's Ph balanced for gun contact, you will never need to worry about the damage to the bluing of your firearm.  The black and brown holsters do start as Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide and are hand dyed with high grade dyes. To keep the comfort of the soft leather we do not apply a sealant to the black or brown holsters and they do have the possibility of slight bleeding onto skin or clothing the first couple times of use but will wash out. Due to the additional supplies and labor that goes into to achieving the different colored holsters, these are priced at $15 more than the basic tan.

With the exception of the original large ALL of our Quick, Click & Carry holsters come standard with a sweat guard.  These are more pronounced with the sizes above the large.  Please refer to generated image once you have selected your size, color (if applicable), and hand.  The image will be the specified item you are purchasing.



*We do offer a 10 day money back guarantee so buy with confidence.  

Please visit our sizing page to determine what size will be best for your firearm. 


U. S. Patent 9,784,530 B1

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4 Reviews

Matt Jun 15th 2019

Medium HighRide Holster Is Amazing

I got the tan med. Highride for my 43x and a bottle of the leather milk, not to mention the "politically incorrect" tshirt. I'm telling u, u will not be sorry if u buy anything from these guys they're amazing. The holster is the best one I've ever owned, the leather milk works awesomely for breaking in and softening while water proofing and even the tshirt is high quality. I'm telling u these people make some of the highest quality products I've ever seen. Thank u JM4 for coming up with this holster, soon I'll be buying an original one or the roughneck to try next and a couple more tshirts haha.

Mark Seger Oct 8th 2018

Medium High-Ride Magnetic Quick, Click, & Carry Holster

I first purchased the original as I was looking for a holster to wear with basketball shorts and sweat pants. I immediately fell in love with it and found myself using it with jeans and a belt frequently. I wanted something that rode a little higher though both for comfort and ease of drawing my gun so I ordered the high-ride. I am so glad I did as this is another fine holster and works perfectly with jeans and a belt. The height is just enough additional that the entire grip is exposed for drawing and comfort, but not one bit of conceal ability is sacrificed. I just used it this weekend carrying at about the 8 o'clock position (I'm a lefty) while I helped move a good friend. Bending, lifting, stretching, etc. with not one issue of my gun shifting or being exposed while in complete comfort. It has become my daily go-to holster along with my Glock 43 as I can't carry while at work, but it makes life easier to carry on the commute and for those after work errands. I highly recommend getting both the original and high-ride to accommodate any wardrobe selection.

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