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Quick Click & Carry Holster Sizing and Hand Orientation

Our holsters are very universal and are designed to be a pocket that covers the trigger guard. The Patented Magnetic Retention retains the gun and holds it in place until drawn.  

The Quick, Click, & Carry Holster comes in multiple sizes that will accommodate the majority of handguns - both semi-automatic and revolvers - and are available in both left and right-hand draw.  To find the size you need for your handgun simply click your gun brand logo below.

As with any leather products you will need to work your holster with your gun to get the appropriate fit. (Please see break-in video at Demo Videos & Video Reviews.)

Keep in Mind that this holster is not intended to be molded to your gun or wet fit.

ATTENTION!  Please note that our holsters DO NOT accommodate raised sites, tac lights, optics, some trigger lasers (ones not listed below), & threaded barrels will extend past the end of the holster.

Our Quick Click & Carry Holsters were originally designed and sized as inside the waistband conceal carry holsters. Though we have many customers that prefer to use it as an OWB conceal carry holster, it functions best and we recommend it be worn as an IWB holster.  Please Check your Municipal, County, State, and Federal laws when deciding how and where to carry your firearms. Not all states have the same carry laws. 

When ordering please refer to the chart and video at the bottom of this page to determine if you should order a right or left-hand carry based on if you plan to conceal carry IWB or OWB.




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