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Magnetic Mag Pouch

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Using the same patented magnetic technology as our Quick, Click, & Carry holsters our Magnetic Mag Pouch allows you to conceal carry no matter what you wear.  No more belts or clips to regulate how or where you carry your back up magazine.  We give you the power to decide where you carry your magazine; simply place in the location most comfortable for you and click the magnets into place.  This will keep your magazine easily accessible and right where you want it. 

As with our Quick, Click, & Carry Holsters, our Magnetic Mag Pouch is made with Hermann Oak leather, which is the finest leather you can buy.


*We do offer a 10 day money back guarantee so buy with confidence.  


All Exotic holsters are made to order and will take about 2 weeks for shipping


Mag Sizing Chart 

Gun Model Pouch Size
1911 3.5” M
1911 3“ Railed M
1911 3” M
1911 4.25” M
1911 4“ Railed M
1911 4” M
1911 5" Railed M
1911 5” M
Beretta 9000S L
Beretta 92 L
Beretta 92 Compact L
Beretta 92 Railed L
Beretta 92 SF L
Beretta 92V Vertec L
Beretta Cougar L
Beretta Nano S
Beretta PX 4 Compact L
Beretta PX 4 Storm L
Beretta PX 4 Sub L
Bersa 380 Thunder S
Bersa 40 Thunder M
Bersa 45 Thunder M
Bersa BP9CC  S
Browning Hi Power L
Colt Junior S
Colt Mustang Pocketlight S
Colt Mustang XSP S
Colt Pocket 9 S
CZ 75 Compact L
CZ 75B  L
CZ P07 L
Diamondback S
FN FNP 9mm L
FNS 40 4“ L
FNS 40 5“ L
Glock 17-22-31 L
Glock 19-23 L
Glock 20-21 L
Glock 26-27 L
Glock 29-30 L
Glock 30S L
Glock 36 L
Glock 40  L
Glock 40 MOS L
Glock 41 L
Glock 42 M
Glock 42 w/CT M
Glock 42 w/CT Green M
Glock 43 M
Glock 43 w/CT M
Glock 43 w/CT Green M
H&K 45 L
H&K P2000 US Version L
H&K P30 L
H&K P7 L
H&K USP Compact L
Kahr CW 45 M
Kahr K-40 M
Kahr K-9 S
Kahr P-9 S
Kahr PM45 M
Kahr PM-9 S
Kel Tec P3AT S
Kel Tec P3AT w/CT S
Kel Tec PF9 S
Kimber Solo S
Makarov S
Remington R1911 M
Remington R51 S
Remington RM 380 S
Ruger American .45 L
Ruger American 9mm L
Ruger LC380 S
Ruger LC9 S
Ruger LC9 w/ Crimson Trace S
Ruger LCP S
Ruger LCP w/ Crimson Trace S
Ruger P-89 L
Ruger P-90 L
Ruger P-93 L
Ruger P-95 L
Ruger SR 22 L
Ruger SR 40 L
Ruger SR 40C L
Ruger SR 45 L
Ruger SR 9C L
Ruger SR9 L
S&W 4506 L
S&W Body Guard S
S&W Body Guard w/Laser S
S&W M&P Shield M
S&W M&P Shield w/CT M
S&W Sigma L
S&W Sigma 380 S
S&W SW99 L
Sig 1911 3“ M
Sig 1911 4“ M
Sig 1911 5“ M
Sig 1911 Railed M
Sig 1911 Railed M
Sig 2022 L
Sig 220 M
Sig 220 Railed M
Sig 224 L
Sig 226 L
Sig 226 Railed L
Sig 229 L
Sig 230 S
Sig 232 S
Sig 238 S
Sig 238 w/Crimson Trace S
Sig 239 M
Sig 250 L
Sig 250 Railed L
Sig 290 S
Sig 320 L
Sig 320 Compact L
Sig 928 w/CT S
Sig 938 S
Sig Mosquito S
Sig Pro L
Springfield XD L
Springfield XD Mod 2 3.3“ .45 L
Springfield XD Mod 2 3“ 9/40 L
Springfield XD Mod 2 4“ 9/40 L
Springfield XDM L
Springfield XDS M
Springfield XDS 4.0 M
Springfield XDS w/CT M
Steyr M9-A1 L
Taurus 24/7 L
Taurus 5" 1911 Railed M
Taurus 709 Slim M
Taurus Curve S
Taurus PT- 111 L
Taurus PT 140 L
Walther P5 M
Walther P99 L
Walther PK 380 S
Walther PPK/S S
Walther PPQ L
Walther PPQ .45 L
Walther PPS M

12 Reviews

Steve Oct 1st 2018

Small mag holder

Works well with 9mm mags, 380 mags, both from Sig. same great magnet technology.
I now have 2 mag holders small and large and 2 holsters. Love how soft the unfinished leather holster got. So soft it’s absolutely silent while concealed carry is being used. The small mag holder could have a slightly lower price but you get what you pay for. I probably have bought 20 holsters over the years and these are always the best, by far.

Mark Seger Sep 20th 2018

Magnetic Mag Pouch

These pouches are of excellent quality in terms of leather used, fit/finish, and stitching. The design is well engineered and I love the versatility of the magnetic clasp. It allows me to wear the pouch a variety of ways and locations with all types of attire. I like them so much I bought one for my double stack mags and one for my single. Well worth the price!

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