What Happened to Joe Biden’s Vision?

A little over a week has passed since we voted in the 2020 Presidential Election. Before November 3rd, the only thing that everyone could agree on was that the count would take longer than any prior election. There was also a consensus that the courts would play a large role in determining if voting officials followed state and federal law.

The President has filed court cases in several states contesting the constitutionality of last-minute changes to voting laws in Pennsylvania, vote count 'glitches,' and many federal voting law violations in several other States. Currently, there are over 150 affidavits from witnesses who claim to have personally seen voter fraud take place. Additionally, and not to be overlooked, is the fact that the DOJ is investigating claims of voting irregularities and manipulation.

Nobody knows what the outcome will be, but at the moment, with Joe Biden leading, there is a strong possibility that Joe Biden may be the 46th President. Should gun owners worry about a Joe Biden Presidency? I thought I would head back over to his official website and see if his pre-election promises on gun control had changed. We all know that politicians make promises to groups to get votes and then sometimes take a more moderate stance on the issue. It's hard to imagine, but would Joe do the same thing on gun reform?

As I did before the election, I went over to www.joebiden.com. Unfortunately, Joe's website no longer lists his vision for anything. Instead, there is a lengthy statement that one could describe as an acceptance speech to winning the presidential election. Pulling from Politician Speak 101, he promises to be a unifier and healer of the country. But his vision on how he will accomplish this monumental feat has disappeared.

Perhaps Joe's destructive and wild vision for the country that indicated on his website was only to garner the vote of the extreme in the party. Now that the election is over, Joe can toss those nutty ideas to the side and put on his 'great unifier' cap. This is not the likely reason, as the Democratic party is moving further left. Democrats who won House races across the country are not moderate; they are the ones who support far-left policy. Those supporting more moderate policies lost to Republicans.

It is more likely that it is hard to sell a unifying message to people while at the same time promising to turn millions of them into felons overnight. If you're a gun owner and didn't get a chance to see what Joe had in store for gun owners before he pulled his vision from his website, fret not. There is a cool website called Wayback Machine www.archive.org that allows you to see what a website looked like years or days in the past. It is always best to get the words directly from the person, or in this case their website.

Below is the abridged version of Joe's gun reform plan. You can check out the archived version here:


  • Hold gun manufacturers accountable.
  • Get weapons of war off our streets.
    • Ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
    • Regulate possession of existing assault weapons under the National Firearms Act.
    • Buy back [sic] the assault weapons and high-capacity magazines already in our communities.
    • Reduce stockpiling [sic] of weapons.
  • Keep guns out of dangerous hands.
    • Require background checks for all gun sales.
    • Close other loopholes in the federal background check system.
    • Reinstate the Obama-Biden policy to keep guns out of the hands of certain people unable to manage their affairs for mental reasons, which President Trump reversed.
    • Close the “hate crime loophole.”
    • Close the “Charleston loophole.”
    • Close the “fugitive from justice” loophole created by the Trump Administration.
  • End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions [sic].
  • Create an effective program to ensure individuals who become prohibited from possessing firearms relinquish [sic] their weapons.
  • Incentivize state “extreme risk” laws.
  • Give states incentives to set up gun licensing programs.
  • Adequately fund the background check system.
  • Establish a new Task Force on Online Harassment and Abuse to focus on the connection between mass shootings, online harassment, extremism, and violence against women.
  • Expand the use of evidence-based lethality assessments by law enforcement in cases of domestic violence.
  • Make sure firearm owners take on the responsibility of ensuring their weapons are used safely.
    • Put America on the path to ensuring that 100% of firearms sold in America are smart guns.
    • Hold adults accountable for giving minors access to firearms.
    • Require gun owners to safely store their weapons.
  • Empower law enforcement to effectively enforce our gun laws.
    • Prioritize prosecution [sic] of straw purchasers.
    • Notify law enforcement when a potential firearms purchaser fails a background check.
    • Require firearms owners to report if their weapon is lost or stolen.
    • Stop “ghost guns.”
    • Reform, fund, and empower the U.S. Justice Department to enforce our gun laws.
    • Direct the ATF to issue an annual report on firearms trafficking.
  • Dedicate the brightest scientific minds to solving the gun violence public health epidemic.
  • Prohibit the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to discharge firearms.
  • Address the epidemic of suicides by firearms.
  • Make federal programs more trauma-informed.
  • Create a network of trauma care centers.
  • Train health care and other service providers in trauma-centered care.

Pretty ambitious, no? It would take hours and hours to address the individual planks of the agenda. Needless to say, they are extreme, unconstitutional, and would have horrible effects including higher crime rates.

This is the gun reform agenda that people voted for. The media does a great job of framing the election as some sort of popularity contest. A referendum on the character of Trump and Biden. But we vote for an agenda, a vision, not a person. This is just one part of the agenda that is Joe Biden. And because what the candidates stood for seemed to be unimportant, many didn't pay attention to the trainwreck that is Joe Biden's vision for the country. We thought it would be important to illuminate just a piece of that agenda.