Original Magnetic QCC Holster (6 colors available)


The Original QCC is the first ever and only Magnetic Retention holster that provides you with a way to carry your firearm no matter what you wear.  From jeans to athletic shorts to yoga pants, the Original QCC allows you to be armed and prepared without the hassle of belts or clips that damage your clothing.  Both men and women are changing the way they carry and loving the comfort, convenience, and deeper concealment they can only find with the Original QCC.

hermann-oak-logo1.pngMade with Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide that's Ph balanced for gun contact, you will never need to worry about the damage to the bluing of your firearm.  The black and brown holsters do start as Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide and are hand dyed with high grade dyes. To keep the comfort of the soft leather we do not apply a sealant to the black or brown holsters and they do have the possibility of slight bleeding onto skin or clothing the first couple times of use.  The teal, purple, and pink holsters are made of 2 leathers stitched together allowing the Hermann Oak Grade A Vegetable Tanned Steer Hide to be the only leather making contact with your firearm.  Due to the additional supplies and labor that goes into to achieving the different colored holsters, these are priced at $15 more than the basic tan.

With the exception of the original large ALL of our QCC holsters come standard with a sweat guard.  These are more pronouced with the sizes above the large.  Please refer to generated image once you have selected your size, color (if applicaple), and hand.  The image will be the specified item you are purchasing.



*We do offer a 10 day money back guarantee so buy with confidence.  

Please visit our sizing page to determine what size will be best for your firearm. 


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106 Reviews

Mike Sep 20th 2017

Original QCC

QCC.Can also stand for Quality,Comfort,Craftsmanship.The design from the front of the holster over the pants and belt secured by the powerful magnets makes it almost invisible IWB as opposed to holsters with belt clips.Fit,finish,fast delivery makes this holster an 'A' Plus.Glock 30 and X Large Short 2 are a winning combination. Thank You Jm4tactical.

Donald J Breeden Sep 3rd 2017

Standard Holster

Outstanding! I am a Retired State Police Officer 25 years 20 plus a Plainclothes Investigator and I know the importance and difficulty of concealed carry. JM4 is simply the best holster set up I have ever used. I am a Private Investigator now and use your holsters for my primary and off duty type weapons.

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