Large Roughneck Magnetic Quick, Click, & Carry Holster

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The Roughneck Quick, Click & Carry holster is handcrafted right here in the United States with U.S. Premium Steer Hide Leather. The holster was designed with only one layer of leather that provides a smooth outer layer to provide comfort. The interior and strap of the holster feature the roughout leather. The Roughneck Quick, Click & Carry will only be available in the tan color, which is a result of the vegetable tanning process which prevents bluing of your handgun. The lower price point allows for the utility of the Quick, Click & Carry holster while providing unmatched comfort compared to other holsters in the lower price range.  

With the same functionality of the orginal Quick, Click & Carry, The Roughneck Quick, Click & Carry holster provides you with a way to carry your firearm no matter what you wear. From jeans to athletic shorts to leggings and yoga pants you have the ability to be armed and prepared without the hassle of belts or clips that damage your clothing.  Both men and women are changing the way they carry and loving the comfort of the new Roughneck Quick, Click & Carry.  

With the exception of the original large ALL of our Quick, Click, & Carry holsters come standard with a sweat guard.  These are more pronouced with the sizes above the large.  Please refer to generated image once you have selected your size, color (if applicaple), and hand.  The image will be the specified item you are purchasing.




U. S. Patent 9,784,530 B1 

4 Reviews

Ray Apr 6th 2018

Not designed for easy access.

Overall, it is doing its purpose. I prchased the roughneck. The retention is not good as some of the videos claim. Concealment IWB is to far down the waistline, and I dont recomend it for afast draw. The only position that is godd for me is at 4 o clock. At appendix it sticks out at the barrel end as well as at my 3 o clock. This is for the large siza with an mnp shiel9

Jerry Apr 2nd 2018

Large Roughneck Holster

I did really like this holster, but felt my MP Shield 9MM sat a little low in it. Unfortunately it was stolen. On the bright side, just ordered the Original and gonna give that one a shot. Roughneck was very comfortable and I felt easy to conceal. The magnetic capabilities were great and seemed like the holster would have lasted forever. Great product.

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